The Five-Step Plan

The Five-Step Plan

J&L Hardscapes, LLC has a clear, straightforward five-step plan for all landscaping projects. In our experience, this plan ensures our team is always on track and that clients are satisfied with the outcome. Here’s a look at this five-step process:

Step 1 – Meeting and Consultation

Consultation is the first step in our landscaping and masonry service. We sit down with clients to understand their needs, priorities, aesthetic preferences, etc. Our team will ask a series of questions, look at inspiration pictures, and discuss ideas. We will answer your questions before helping you plan a budget during this meeting as well. First consultations usually last for around an hour for most projects, though they can take more time if your project scale and scope are larger or more complicated. We recommend bringing all decision-makers to this meeting to ensure everyone is on the same page. Read More >>

Step 2 – Idea and Design

Developing a masonry design follows the first consultation. Our team will look at client’s requests and come up with something unique based on their preferences. This process can take anywhere between a few days and a few weeks. Elaborate hardscapes or challenging worksites require careful planning to stand the test of time. Our masonry design levels can range from basic to advanced, so clients can choose an option that fits their budget. We will make sure your new landscape fits in perfectly with the property architecture. Read More >>

Step 3 – Modifications and Confirmation

We present the finalized design to clients during our second meeting with them. You can study polished sketches or look at a fully rendered plan to get a realistic idea about the design. This is a good time to recommend masonry design modifications because we’re still in the design phase. It is more difficult and disruptive to make changes once construction begins. If the client is satisfied with our designer’s proposal, they can voice their approval to start construction. At this point, our team will bring in a dedicated project supervisor to assemble a team and proceed with the installation. Read More >>  

Step 4 – Framework and Construction

Masonry framework and construction begin once a dedicated project manager assembles a team of technicians. This supervisor will be your primary point of contact and will oversee the project. They will carry out regular quality checks while helping tradespeople stay on track. Project managers make sure all masonry professionals keep the client’s vision in mind. They also keep you informed about project developments and progress, including delays, if any. Read More >>

Step 5 – Final Inspection

A thorough inspection is a final step in our process. We call clients for a walkthrough, go through project checkpoints, point out essential masonry installations, and get feedback. Our experts also share maintenance tips on how to keep your new landscape in good shape over the long term. You can ask questions about different masonry structures and their unique maintenance requirements as well. Read More >>

If you want to know more about our landscaping process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with J&L Hardscapes, LLC. You can call us or use our online contact us form to reach us.

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