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Hardscape Services, Austin, TX

At J&L Hardscapes, LLC, we provide a wide range of hardscape services throughout the greater Austin, TX area. If you want to add a hardscape feature to your outdoors, we can transform your ideas into reality. From the use of superior materials to quality workmanship, we offer the best services you can find anywhere. Some of the key services that we offer are as follows:

Design & Build

We provide complete design and build services for hardscape features to improve the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Our team will keep you updated on your project’s progress. When well-designed and properly constructed, patios, decks, pergolas, walkways, and other hardscapes can transform your outdoor living area. Create covered areas to get more out of your outdoor space and stay protected from the elements. We can design and build features that work as great focal points for different outdoor spaces.

Our hardscape design process gets our clients integrally involved. We have the experience and expertise in turning your vision into reality. You will have an outdoor space that is not just pleasing to the eye but also enhances the space’s functionality. We take inspiration from both modern and classic design elements. All our design and build projects adhere to the principles of eco-friendliness, sustainable practices, and low cost of maintenance.
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Decks & Walkways

Let us add better dimensions to your property with well-designed and well-constructed decks and walkways. Besides their practical applications and benefits, these features can frame the desired areas while drawing attention to the focal points. We help you decide the right type of decking, the choice of material, the design, and the architecture. From natural stone to concrete to brick, we work with different materials for your deck. We can also install permeable pavers.

Our custom walkway design and build services provide you access to superior materials and high-quality workmanship. From enhancing the looks of your landscape and outdoor space, we construct walkways that are durable and last longer even under the harshest elements. From experience, we know how to deliver the right combination of resilience, durability, and beauty by choosing the right material for our client’s properties. Our design team also knows how to perfectly match and balance the hardscaping features with your home’s style and outdoor theme.
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Our custom masonry services can help you enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your landscape. An important element of our masonry work is to set the right balance between the newly built features and the existing theme. We can transform any outdoor into a stunning living space. Our team of master masons comprises committed professionals with long experience. From the use of traditional stamping and staining techniques to the creative use of materials, we can help create the desired results.

From retaining walls to walkways to outdoor fireplaces, we can create any feature to your specifications. Our in-depth knowledge of materials and techniques can bring a unique edge to your projects. Besides being aesthetically appealing, all our custom masonry works are meant to last longer. Besides, you can have greater peace of mind when it comes to thinking of the cost of maintenance and repairs. No masonry work is too complicated, too big, or too small for us.
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Concrete Pavers

Pavers are a highly versatile material; they look stunning and give depth to any landscape. Concrete pavers are an excellent alternative since they can be utilized in practically any outdoor setting. We use interlocking pavers to create stunning places. Not only do these look great, but they are also quite practical. Compared to a concrete slab, they have an incredibly high load-bearing capacity and are exceedingly durable and sturdy. Pavers are separate interlocking units that allow for a great deal of creative freedom while maintaining a high level of durability. They do not break, and there is no risk of deformation or cracking since they aren’t single installation. As a result, the material is very long-lasting. We offer the best concrete paver installations for driveways, walkways, decks, and patios, as well as other outdoor surfaces. We ensure high-grade installations at cost-effective pricing in all our projects, ensuring that our clients get the best return on investment.
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Retaining Walls

At J&L Hardscapes, we specialize in providing hardscape services to clients located around Austin TX and its surrounding areas. The places where we operate include Lake Way, Buda, Rock Round, Bee Caves, and West Lake. We specialize in custom designing and building retaining walls for residential and commercial properties. Our highly experienced contractors have all the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your retaining is built according to local building codes and standards. We want to provide you with a retaining wall that not only services its functional purpose but also one that will add aesthetic appeal to your landscape setting.
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Masonry Repairs

Cracks in mortar, bricks, and pavers can result in expensive structural damage to your outdoor or indoor masonry features. Our experienced and certified masonry repair experts can fix all types of masonry problems. We at J&L Hardscapes, have decades of combined experience in providing our masonry and masonry repair services in Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas. Our masonry repair services also include stone veneer repair, retaining wall repair, and stone paver repair services.
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We can design and install custom pergolas for your deck or patio to your specifications. Our designs focus on creating a more comfortable, enjoyable, and safer space for you and your family. We specialize in creating structures that allow our clients to get the most out of their outdoor living area by meeting the aesthetic, protective, and functional needs. When designed and installed by our experienced crew, you can expect many benefits from these structures on your property.

We can design and build pergolas that enhance your property’s value, protect your furniture from the elements, improve your home’s energy efficiency, and protect the deck and enhance their service life. All our pergola shade systems are custom designed and handcrafted. We make sure that the structures ideally complement the existing outdoor style and theme. From free-standing to attached pergolas, we can design and build structures that perfectly fit into your outdoor environment.
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Outdoor Living

Every homeowner desire to create an outdoor living experience that is comfortable, functional, and convenient. Besides, your outdoor space must be aesthetically appealing to make a great first impression. We provide complete outdoor living design and build services for different types of features. This includes everything from small additions to complete design and build projects from the ground up. Your outdoor living requirements can include an outdoor kitchen, deck, walkway, fireplace, fire pits, retaining walls, or other structures. Whatever your needs, we can design and build them to transform your vision and ideas into reality. We also specialize in custom designing and building all the different types of pergolas. The addition of a customized outdoor living feature can instantly increase your home’s value.
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Landscape Design

Most landscapes require careful design and execution. You must choose recognized professionals like ourselves to get the most satisfying results possible. With years of experience in this industry, we take a structured approach to every project. We are devoted to offering clients the highest quality designs at reasonable prices. Our highly qualified designers can assist you with designing and installing a modest family backyard or a vast commercial outdoor environment. We specialize in planning and incorporating paved areas, water, fire, brickwork, retaining walls, garden steps, and flower gardens. Our creativity and expertise contribute to the beauty of your property. We prioritize the dependability, quality, and affordability of our services. It ensures that our clients receive outstanding value regardless of the size of their landscaping project. Whether you want residential or commercial landscape design or upgrades, we are here to help.
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Plunge Pools

Having a pool in your yard is unquestionably worthwhile. Nevertheless, not all properties are large enough to hold a full-size pool. In these circumstances, we advise clients to choose a plunge pool. If the concept of a pool where you can unwind and spend time with your family appeals to you, we can construct a custom plunge pool for you. During the planning process, we can create a 3D design of a plunge pool so you can visualize how it will fit into the available backyard area, and we can build it on a deck or patio. Since we tailor this component for you, we can guarantee that its proportions, placement, and aesthetic complement the available area. In addition, we employ complementing materials and technologies to ensure that your pool blends perfectly with the other installations and masonry elements in that space. We use the best materials and products in the installation, so your plunge pool lasts long and looks great.
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Artificial Turf

We offer a multitude of artificial grass products to help you achieve the desired looks all year long. Our product portfolio embraces the latest in technology. Once we install the turf, you will not have to worry about shade issues, fertilization, pesticides, or watering. Besides, you can say goodbye to costly lawn maintenance requirements. We offer synthetic grass that requires minimal maintenance, is versatile, and eco-friendly. Whether it is for your residential lawn, playing field, or commercial outdoor space, we have you covered with the right type of product.

We offer synthetic turf that mimics the conditions of the perfect lawn. You will find them to be smooth, thick, and neat. Besides, heavy foot traffic will no longer damage the look of certain areas of your turf. Our products are recyclable, pet-friendly, safe, and free from heavy metal, and require no watering. We have the right type of product to meet your unique needs.
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We at J&L Hardscapes, LLC, offer custom hardscaping services to address your unique requirements. You may want to enhance the beauty of your outdoors and add durable features, we have you covered. If you need more information about our services, feel free to contact us today at 512-983-5307.

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