Plunge Pools

Swimming pools are a “must-have” backyard element in backyards, especially when summer arrives and you and your children need to escape the heat. However, if you have a smaller house or a yard that is not particularly large, constructing a standard swimming pool may not be possible and a plunge pool becomes the ideal solution in these circumstances. J&L Hardscapes, LLC offers plunge pool design and installation services to Austin, Texas clients.

What Is a Plunge Pool?

The plunge pool, also called a dipping pool, becomes an ideal compromise when yard space is limited. You can enjoy all the advantages of a standard pool in a far smaller area.

At its most fundamental level, this pool is a small swimming pool. Most plunge pools are slightly bigger than a hot tub, measuring between 4 and 7 meters in length, 2 to 3 meters in width, and around 1.2 meters in depth.

You can install it where a standard pool cannot fit, such as down the side of a smaller property, nestled behind a wall or fence, or in an enclosed portion of your home. It offers all the advantages of a regular pool without needing additional room.

How Do Plunge Pools Work?

This pool is essentially a compact version of a standard swimming pool and functions similarly. They are typically built in-ground. However, concrete and fiberglass resin variants for above-ground installation are available. They feature the same filtration systems and pumps as standard pools. People predominantly use plunge pools for two activities:

  • The first is unwinding. It provides you and your family with a space to enjoy playing in the water and a pleasant location to cool down when necessary. You can even put Jacuzzi-style jets in the sitting sections of a plunge pool to transform it into a spa.
  • The second component is aquatic rehabilitation. You can add resistance jet devices to your plunge pool to transform it into a location for exercise and swim training.

Plunge pools are compact and fit in small backyards. They are more cost-effective than a standard pool, and the ongoing maintenance is also lower. The upkeep and cleaning are more straightforward, and you still benefit from a usable water feature on your property.

Custom Plunge Pool Design and Installation

We know from experience that our clients have specific property styling requirements. We offer customized services and go the extra mile to create the best experiences for our clients. Our designers will work closely with you and take detailed measurements of the available space, and they will recommend the best location for your plunge pool based on their experience and expertise.

For more information regarding our plunge pool design and installation, call J&L Hardscapes, LLC at 512-983-5307. Our company serves residential and commercial clients in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. You can also send us your queries and requests via this Online Form. Our team will contact you soon to understand your requirements better and provide the best solutions.

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